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The story of Yakult Philippines has been one of the right timing, together with consistent growth and expansion. Construction of our manufacturing plant in Calamba City, Laguna began immediately after incorporation. A liaison office was established in Manila. These structures serve us to this day, with periodic improvements reflecting the progress of our company.

The liaison office was moved from its initial two-storey building to a formidable seven-storey structure inaugurated in 2006. Aside from offices for all administrative departments, the new facility also houses an executive lounge, a function room, a conference room, data storage centers, and seminar rooms for Yakult Ladies.

The construction of the new liaison office and the expansion of the manufacturing plant a few years prior were key components of Yakult Philippines’ foremost plan to date: to significantly increase manufacturing capacity in order to meet an unprecedented growth in projected sales.

Hence, 2001 saw numerous improvements in the Yakult Plant: increased land area and additional bottle-making, filling, and shrink packaging machines, to name a few. Non-manufacturing related upgrades such as an employee recreation area, were also added. These changes have boosted our production to its present capacity, with strong potential for years to come.

From our humble output of 11,500 bottles per day in 1978, we can manufacture up to 3.8 million bottles daily: a significant increase by any standard.

Hand-in-hand with this growth in production, we continue to develop a vast network capable of delivering fresh Yakult throughout the country. Our distributors are now present in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, enabling Filipinos to benefit from Yakult wherever they may be.