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Common Questions Encountered

Probiotics are live microorganisms which benefit people's health by improving the balance of intestinal flora.

    Drinking Yakult everyday will help in maintaining the balance of our intestinal flora-wherein, the beneficial bacteria 
    would outnumber the harmful bacteria in our intestines. People have their own unique intestinal flora, it forms after
    the weaning period during our infancy. Once formed, the intestinal microbiota discharges other bacteria that enter from 
    the outside and does not allow them to colonize the intestine. This phenomenon, called colonization resistance, is an 
    important function of the intestinal microbiota to prevent infection with pathogenic organisms.

      Yes, because the balance of intestinal flora is easily disturbed by daily stress or environmental changes, unbalanced
      diet, aging, drugs and bacterial infection which may result in malaise, diseases, further aging and cancer. Continuous
      daily ingestion of Yakult helps contribute to keeping and promoting health. The roles of the Yakult strain in the
      intestine are: (1)to normalize the balance of intestinal flora, (2)to stimulate bowel movement by producing lactic
      acid and (3)to reduce detrimental substances produced by putrefactive bacteria.

        We recommend daily intake of one bottle of Yakult. A single bottle of Yakult contains about 8 billion live Lacticaseibacillus paracasei strain Shirota (LcS). This amount of beneficial bacteria is good enough for our daily needs to maintain a balance intestinal

          Yakult can be taken anytime of the day. Same effects can be expected from drinking LcS irrespective of when it is taken.
          Studies made by Yakult Central Institute showed no significant difference was seen 30 minutes before and after meals.

            Yakult is good for children but best for people of all ages, adult. As we age, our digestive system starts to weaken.
            The product would help in restoring proper digestion to make a person easily absorb the nutrients found in his/her
            meals and maintain a good bowel movement.

              An infant can start drinking Yakult once he/she can already eat soft foods such as mashed potatoes, rice porridge, etc.
              It is better to use a medicine dropper or teaspoon to feed the baby. Start with a small amount while checking on the
              stool and health status of baby. The amount should be adjusted so as not to influence the breast milk or infant formula.
              Drinking Yakult would help protect their intestines from disease-causing bacteria and improve the balance of intestinal

              None of the ingredients of Yakult  would have any adverse effect on the condition of the infant in her womb. Instead, 
              by providing proper digestion to pregnant women, the absorption of nutrients would be faster and helps in the proper 
              development of the infant in her womb. But, if they have any concern regarding body condition, better to consult your 

              It is better to consult your doctor before drinking Yakult.

                Lactose intolerance is a disease caused by having low levels or absence of lactase- an enzyme used for lactose hydrolysis
                in the intestine. In such cases, careful consideration on the type of milk is highly suggested to those affected. Regarding
                this matter, better to consult your doctor first.

                  No, because LcS does not produce Glucan, a major causative factor in dental caries. Dental caries are triggered by Streptococcus
                  bacteria. These acids dissolve the dental calcium that leads to tooth decay. Studies shows that LcS can suppress the proliferation
                  of S. mutans and therefore does not directly cause tooth decay.

                    Diarrhea can be caused by a lot of factors such as indigestion, food poisoning, excessive antibiotics and stress. This causes the
                    disturbance in the intestinal flora. For this condition, ingestion of beneficial bacteria such as Yakult can help
                    maintain the balance of intestinal flora.

                      Excessive drinking of Yakult will not cause diarrhea. Rather, it is effective in producing an intestinal flora in which beneficial
                      bacteria dominates.

                        Drinking Yakult has been proven effective to patients who had undergone antibiotic therapy. Intake of antibiotics disturbs the
                        balance of our intestinal flora. With this condition, the harmful bacteria proliferates causing sickness. Drinking Yakult helps
                        recover the balance of our intestinal flora. This is the reason why we must drink Yakult to recover back the beneficial bacteria
                        in our body after a certain period of medication.

                          The product becomes sour when placed in a warm temperature. It is advisable to store the product below 10'c. The sour taste
                          in Yakult is caused by Lactic acid, a substance produced by the beneficial bacteria. Lactic acid is good to our health as it 
                          help us normalizes the peristaltic movement of our intestine thus preventing diarrhea and constipation.

                            You can buy Yakult in supermarkets, grocery stores and convenience stores nationwide. You can also buy it through our Yakult
                            Ladies and enjoy a special home delivery service wherein they deliver right at your doorstep even for a single bottle order.
                            Yakult bought from the store is the same as Yakult sold by the Yakult Ladies.

                              Yakult is a product that was created so that people could consume lactic acid bacteria ( Lacticaseibacillus paracasei strain Shirota (LcS))
                              which is beneficial to people's health. It is important to consume  Lacticaseibacillus paracasei strain Shirota (LcS) everyday. Therefore,
                              instead of drinking a large amount at one time, we use 80ml bottle which contains just the right amount so that people can
                              drink it everyday.