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Yakult Lady-System. Yakult contains live bacteria. Because it has to be very fresh, we deliver it directly to homes. This sales distribution system became known as “Yakult Lady Delivery System”.

Under this system, Yakult Ladies deliver products directly to customers at their homes and offices. This is an ideal distribution framework for Probiotic products, which are most beneficial when consumed daily. And since it’s mostly housewives who receive Yakult at their homes, women as sales personnel would be better than salesmen. Customers will relate to them better, and the Yakult Lady may be able to advise their customers about their health. In addition to delivering products, Yakult Ladies have the important task to fully explaining the scientific principles of Probiotics and the functional characteristics of Yakult products.

Home Delivery. “Good Morning, I’m from Yakult”. With the morning greetings and bright smiles of our Yakult Ladies, even single bottle of Yakult are hand-delivered to our customers. Hand-delivery is a direct expression of the sincerity we feel about the goodness of our products and the benefits they offer. That’s why face-to-face contact is important. Yakult Ladies want not only to develop good relationships with their customers but also to provide customers with sound health advice. They offer each customer health information and advice on products that best serve their needs. This is the central pillar of Yakult. This is our way of helping customers learn about our Probiotics products, which are good for the body.

ODL is the sales lady who exclusively engages in sales activity in Makati, Ortigas & Bonifacio Global City area to deliver and propagate Yakult to mainly office customers or residents in that area. the ODL is not the independent dealer as YL and is the one who engages in retail business unlike YL.

Description & Functions of Various Sections of Direct Sales Department

The Direct Sales Department is Compose of three (3) sections

  1. The Booking Section has 9 segment and it compose of 18 routes form A to I. It caters to big supermarkets like SM Group of companies, Robinsons, Puregold and other supermarkets. It also services the central distribution centers of chain stores like Mini-Stops.

    The ordering system is done through electronic data interchange which is sent and retrieved at the Head Office. All deliveries are pre-booked therefore no excess stock at stores is observed.

    Selected supermarkets are deployed with promodisers who take care of the inventory, display, monitoring & product pushing inside the selling areas.

  2. The Route Section has 35 routes. Each route is handled by a salesman and driver. They observe a regular itinerary from Monday to Saturday. They are tasked with developing their area coverage via outlet development and maintenance. Route customers usually include medium size supermarkets, foods marts, convenience stores and others.
  3. Mini-Route Section has 360 mini routes. This project has been launched to cater to small sari-sari stores in areas where the regular routes cannot penetrate. Each mini-route is being handled by one person and rides a motorcycles with a delivery box. They deal mostly on cash basis and minimum order is smaller than the regular routes.

This project was conceived in April of 2008 and shows great potentials. Each rider is very enthusiastic about this new system.