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The company that provides a healthy way of life

Yakult Philippines Incorporated (YPI) was created by virtue of and under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines on May 25, 1977 with the Securities and Exchange Commission and with Registration Number 72820. The Corporation commenced its actual operation on October 1, 1978 as the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the world famous health drink, Yakult Cultured Milk, in the Philippines. Its production and distribution in the Philippines was made possible with the Joint-Venture Partnership of several enterprising Filipino Businessmen and Yakult Honsha, Co. Ltd. of Japan on a 60-40 percent sharing respectively. Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd. of Japan is the internationally registered owner of the product Yakult Cultured Milk with Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota, which is manufactured in several countries throughout the world, and is selling 40 million bottles per day in 39 regions and countries worldwide.    

       The YPI Factory is located along the National Highway, Barangay Makiling, City of Calamba, and Province of Laguna. The 4th Phase expansion was completed last 2016, which produced an average of 3.8 million bottles a day. With the completion of the fifth phase expansion, daily production capacity is expected to further increase.      

     Yakult Cultured Milk is distributed and sold throughout the Philippines by the Company itself and through 30 exclusive provincial distributors. Yakult Marketing Corporation is the biggest marketing arm of YPI, covering Metro Manila and the suburbs, while the other distributors cover the provinces with well-planned territorial jurisdictions. They implement the highly successful Yakult Lady System as primary selling strategy to closely propagate the product’s healthful features to direct consumers. Direct selling to big store outlets is a secondary sales strategy to reach consumers not covered by the Yakult Ladies.        

     The Corporation has grown beyond expectations. From a mere P10,000,000.00 starting Authorized Capital Stock, by 2002 it had fully subscribed and paid-up Authorized Capital Stock of P300,000,000.00. At the 2003 Special Stockholders Meeting, the Authorized Capital Stock was increased to P600,000,000.00 with an additional P100,000,000.00 Paid-up Subscription, bringing the Paid-up Subscription to P400,000,000.00. On 2005, the Company declared a Stock Dividend in the amount of P200,000,000.00 thus fully subscribing and paying the whole Authorized Capital Stock of the corporation in the amount of P600,000,000.00. In 2012, the Authorized Capital Stock of the corporation increased to P1,800,000,000.00. As of June 30,2018, the Authorized Capital Stock of the corporation increased to P5,400,000,000.00 with a Subscribed and Paid up Capital of P4,050,000,000.00.         

                Now on its 40th Year of operations, the performance of the Corporation leaves nothing to be desired. For the past 5 years, sales level never went lower than the previous year’s. In 2014, with the introduction of Yakult Light, the daily average sales totaled to 1,876,702. By 2015, the company reached the 2 million mark in daily average sales with a total of 2,138,800 bottles. As of June,2018, within a span of only three years, the company reached more than 3 million bottles daily average.